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In an age where so much of our world is dominated by beige conservatism, the book’s clarion call to jam briefs with conviction, and to avoid the insipid, is very welcome, as is the constant urge to include rather than exclude.
Nick Jefferson for the Marketing Society


With all the attention hovering around the importance of the creative brief this refreshing exercise book takes you through the brief writing process in four simple steps: defining the challenge, freeing the imagination, realising ideas and crafting the communication.

Forget the Box is beautifully designed by Kate Page using a combination of illustrations from Sarah Govia and Thomas Bewick with colourful diagrams that make imaginative collaboration an easier step.  
Surrey Chamber of Commerce


Consultancy Page & Page has launched the Forget The Box book and website. The publication guides readers through the brief writing process, and has been designed by Kate Page using illustrations by Sarah Govia and Thomas Bewick. 

Design Week